We believe that the realization of a broad, common good can be assisted by enterprise that demonstrates, through its Corporate Citizenship practices, its support for human rights, social justice and sound environmental management – and is encouraged to prosper in a freemarket business environment.

The conduct of Corporate Citizenship throughout GoviEx involves the consistent application of strategies and practices that treat people and the environment with respect – while pursuing the underlying business objective of building value.

Our practices are applied in all of our operations, across national boundaries and prevailing legal codes.

We are committed to fulfill the responsibilities that are implicit in our Corporate Citizenship values. These values are central to what we do in our work, throughout our organization.

Conscientious, judicious enterprise, applied to fair and equitable distribution of benefits generated by the responsible development of resources, can help to deliver more benefits to more people. In the process, such enterprise can:

  • facilitate the desirable advancement of individual rights; and
  • create opportunities for fulfillment and sustainable economic progress.

In Niger, the company has made investments to improve rural educational facilities, drilled water wells that serve over 2,000 Nigeriens in the region and is working with partners to develop Social Sports Academies.

In November 2010 GoviEx donated $1 million for famine relief efforts to local communities: November 2nd 2010 - GoviEx sponsors famine relief in Niger